All-Natural Chicken

Marchaland Farms all-natural pasture raised chickens are raised outside picking at grass and bugs and supplemented with local GMO-free grains, unlike commercial growers that pack thousands of birds into closed facilities. Marchaland Farms pasture raised chicken will have no added growth hormones and will be anti-biotic free, the way all chickens should be raised.

We believe that you deserve the healthiest and safest product to put on the dinner table for your family. Our growing season in Upstate New York is limited due to weather and our all-natural outside practices, so we are only able to raise a limited number of birds every year. Our chickens are raised seasonally in outside pens that are moved daily to fresh grass. The pens protect the birds from harsh weather and outside predators because let’s face it everyone loves a chicken dinner. The pens also allow the chickens to utilize the ground more efficiently than other methods of raising poultry outside. As the pens are moved across the pasture the birds graze on fresh grass every day and evenly distribute nutrients across the land. We recommend that you order chicken ahead of time so we can guarantee you will receive quality, Marchaland Farms chicken this year. Our pasture raised chickens will be packaged whole in shrink wrap and average around 4 to 5 pounds. The chickens will be frozen whole but can be thawed so they are ready to cook if desired. Marchaland Farms Chicken will be a safe and healthy family, bulk, or commercial poultry supply all year long. You won’t find tastier and more nutritious chicken anywhere else. Buy in bulk and stock up your freezer so you have healthy pasture raised chicken all winter long.