Marchaland Farms Boxed Beef Prices

    • 25lb Ground Beef Box (separate, vacuum sealed, one pound packages) $6.80/lb ($170.00/box)
    • 10lb Assorted Steak Box ($152.00/box)
    • 10lb Steak Box + 10lbs Ground Beef ($220.00/box)
    • 5lb Steak Box + 5lbs ground beef ($110.00/box)
    • 25lb Mixed Beef Box ($215.00/box)
    • Small Smoker Box (~$125.00)
    • Deluxe Smoker Box (~$245.00)

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Build Your Own Box (12 pound minimum)





*our king cut steaks are 2″ thick (the other steaks listed below are 1″ thick)

these cuts are ideal for smokers or using the reverse sear cooking method

  • Price list for cuts
  • Ground Beef: $7.25/lb
  • Hamburger patties: $9.00/lb
  • Stew Beef: $8.00/lb
  • Roasts: $8.25/lb (does not include rib roasts)
  • Sirloin Steaks: 10.50/lb
  • Porterhouse Steaks: $19.50/lb
  • T-bone Steaks: $18.50/lb
  • New York Strip Steaks: $19.50/lb
  • Tenderloin Steaks: $21.50/lb
  • Ribeye Steaks: $16.75/lb
  • Short Ribs: $7.00/lb
  • Brisket: $9.00/lb
  • Marrow Bones: $4.50/lb
  • Soup Bones: $4.50/lb
  • Heart: $2.50/lb
  • Liver: $2.50/lb
  • Tongue: $2.50/lb
  • Pickup of your beef will be at our farm by an arranged appointment so we can make sure to be available. We are exploring shipping options as well if you are not within driving distance of the farm. Please contact us for more information regarding shipping.

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Marchaland Farms Freezer Beef Prices

Prices are based on the hanging weight and does not include the cost of processing. (processing fees available below)

All Natural Grain Finished Freezer Beef Prices

  • whole $3.25/lb
  • half $3.25/lb
  • quarter $3.25/lb

100% Grass-Fed Freezer Beef

  • whole $3.25/lb
  • half $3.25/lb
  • quarter $3.25/lb

Non-refundable deposits are required when purchasing Marchaland Farms Freezer Beef, $350 for a quarter, $700 for a half and $1400 for a whole beef.
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Freezer Beef Processing

Processing fees will vary based on where you choose to have your beef processed. You may select from any of the processors listed below.
Processing fees range from ($0.73/lb-$1.20/lb).

Processors we work with include:

Locust Grove Smokehouse
Strattons Custom Meat and Smokehouse
Ruts Ridge Farm
Example Cut Sheet

All Natural Pasture Raised Poultry

  • whole chickens birds between 4 and 5lbs $16 ::
  • birds 5-7lbs $20 ::
  • whole turkeys $4.00/lb ::

Turkeys are ready just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Pre-orders are recommended
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How to Order and Pay for your Beef

Boxed Beef Purchases:
Place an order online or over the phone (call or text). We will then contact you with the final price and set up a time for pickup. We are able to accommodate most pickup times. Payment will be made at the time of pick-up via check or cash.
Freezer Beef Purchases:
Marchaland Farms is proud to offer our top quality freezer beef for sale. First place an order online or over the phone for your freezer beef. Next a non-refundable deposit will be made to Marchaland Farms by check in the mail, or cash based on whether you purchase a quarter,half, or whole beef. We will then determine the custom processor that you would like to use. When ordering freezer beef for sale from Marchaland Farms you will pay for the processing. Once the processor knows the hanging weight for your beef he will tell us the weight and we will then invoice you the final payment, minus your deposit. We will also include for you the bill to which you will pay the processor.

Payment Process if you pick-up

The final payment may be made to Marchaland Farms via a check in the mail or cash prior to pick-up, or left with the processor at the time of pick-up. You will then pick-up your beef at the processor and pay the separate processing bill at the processing facility.
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