All-Natural Grass-Fed Freezer Beef

Another choice for you at Marchaland Farms is our Grass Fed Beef. Our grass fed beef New York provides an extremely healthy option for families/individuals looking for high quality, tasty, lean meals. Did you know if you do not buy local grass fed beef there is a good chance you are buying beef imported from other countries? Our grass fed beef will tend to be a little be a leaner of a cut but the fat that is does contain is healthy. This fat is high in omega 3s. Our grass-fed beef is a heart healthy choice and studies show that grass fed beef can reduce cholesterol levels and act as an antioxidant which can help to prevent cancers.

Grass fed beef has been shown to also help brain activity because the omega 3s that the grass-fed beef contains are important for your brain. These are not the only benefits of this tasty product. Grass fed beef is also lower in calories than traditional feedlot finished beef that is finished on a high concentration of grains and other by products including bone meal and blood meal to increase the rate of gain in their animals.

Our grass fed beef New York herd consumes only lush grasses and other legumes from our pastures. They are supplemented during the winter months with high quality grasses that we harvested for them in the form of round bales and haylage. Haylage is grass that is chopped into short pieces in an effect creating a nice salad for the animals to munch on all winter long.