All-Natural Pasture Raised Grain Finished Freezer Beef

Marchaland Farms beef is produced with you in mind. There are many reasons to choose Marchaland Farms New York natural beef products. Health benefits rank very highly among these reasons. All Marchaland Farms New York natural beef products are pasture raised, GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and have no added hormones. Our all-natural beef cattle forage on grass from our pastures all summer long and are supplemented through the winter months with a mixture of grass and corn silage.

Corn silage consists of the entire corn plant, which is chopped up into a salad like mixture. We then combine the corn silage and hay together in a mixture to provide the adequate nutrients to the animals to provide the superior marbling and taste you deserve. Since our cattle are pastured raised they also contain the healthy fat containing omega 3s like our grass-fed beef herd. We never feed a straight grain diet at Marchaland farms unlike some other producers. We choose to raise our cattle following natural practices, striving to produce a product of superior quality just for you. This is a rarity in the modern-day pace of many beef operations, where it seems as if it is a race to produce beef as fast as possible. Many of the large-scale producers today find it common practice today to implant cattle with growth hormones. Often times cattle will have more than one growth hormone implant in its life cycle.

Commercial cattleman also feed high concentrated grain diets with supplements of blood meal, bone meal and urea (a chemical fertilizer) to increase the turnover time in the cattle they produce. We DO NOT believe in these practices at Marchaland Farms. Marchaland Farms beef provides you with the satisfaction of knowing where the food on your plate comes from. The cows that supply all of our New York natural beef are grown on the farm and they enjoy their lives grazing lush grass forages in our pastures during the summer or eating forages in the winter months that we grow and harvest for them. Cattle never leave Marchaland Farms until they are to be processed. This way we know exactly what goes into every product that we supply to you. At Marchaland farms we provide you with the finest quality beef you can purchase. Our practices allow us to consistently produce high quality, marbled beef with rich flavor.