How Much Beef Will I Receive?

How much beef you will receive depends on the hanging weight of the animal and how you choose to have the beef processed. Our average hanging weight is 600 to 800 pounds for a whole beef or 300 to 400 pounds for half of a beef. At Marchaland Farms we are willing to accommodate size requests when beef is ordered. We will do our best to provide you with the appropriate sized piece(s) of commercial beef to fit your needs. The average beef after processing will yield around 60%, up to 65% and as low as 55%. These yield percentages vary due to how the beef is processed. If you choose to have all boneless cuts the beef will yield lower and if you keep more of the bone in cuts you will receive a higher yield. So, if you order half a beef and it hangs 350lbs and it yields 60% you can expect to get back roughly 210lbs of packaged beef.

Average turnover for half a beef yielding 60%

Hanging Weight (lbs)Packaged Weight (lbs)

Average turnover for a whole beef yielding 60%

Hanging Weight (lbs)Packaged Weight (lbs)

Ordering a whole beef or a side of beef provides a lot of nutritious and healthy meat. This takes up some space. Know that you will need freezer space but don’t worry as you will be stocked with the finest quality beef you can purchase. Generally, half a beef will take up about 10 cubic feet in a freezer. Sometimes our customers find it easier to get a group of people together (neighbors, friends or family) and buy their beef in bulk together to split up the expense and freezer space needed for storage. But with a freezer full of Marchaland Farms beef you will no longer have to run to the store to pick up meat for the week. Marchaland farms will provide you with a yearlong supply of superior quality natural beef. Generally, half a cow will supply an average family of four, for about 6-12 months.