Build Your Own Boxes

Build your own boxes from Marchaland Farms allow you to buy our quality meats in quantities as low as 12 pounds. With our provided prices for each cut you can pick out exactly what cuts of beef you would like in your box. To order click place an order, select natural beef and then choose Make your own box from the selections and then tell us what cuts you would like to receive in your box in the comments section of our order form. We will then make up your box and let you know your total.
Orders will be picked up at our farm.*(We are exploring shipping options as well if you are not within driving distance from us) After we get your order boxed up and provide you with the total price, we will arrange a convienent pickup time, so that we can make sure to be available. We are able to accommodate most pickup times.
Thank you

*for more information on having our beef shipped to your location please contact us.

Ground Beef: $7.25/lb
Hamburger Patties: $9.00/lb
Roasts: $8.25/lb
Stew Beef: $8.00/lb
Sirloin Steaks: $10.50/lb (boneless)
Porterhouse Steak: $19.50/lb
T-bone Steak: $18.50/lb
New York Strip Steak: $19.50/lb
Tenderloin Steaks: $21.50/lb
Ribeye Steak: $16.75/lb
Short Ribs: $7.00/lb
Brisket: $9.00/lb
Marrow Bones: $4.50/lb
Soup Bones: $4.50/lb
Heart: $2.50/lb
Liver: $2.50/lb

For additional savings on these prices consider buying in bulk by purchasing a 25lb box, 1/4 or a 1/2.