All Natural Boxed Beef

All boxed beef purchases include free delivery to your door within a 50 mile radius of our farm!

Are you looking for high quality meats but do not have room to store half or an entire beef? Do not count yourself out! Marchaland Farms offers all natural boxed beef. Our 25 pound boxes are perfect for consumers that are short on storage space, and desire safe, healthy, high quality beef. These packages only take up about 1 cubic foot of space easily fitting inside most household refrigerater-freezers and we try to keep these boxes stocked and ready for delivery year round. We are currently offering two boxed beef configurations, a mixed beef box and a ground beef box. Our mixed beef boxes consist of approximately 9-10 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of hamburger patties, 3-5 pounds of roasts, 6.5-7.5 pounds of steaks, 1 pound of stew beef and a pack of short ribs or a soup shank. Brisket or marrow bones may be substituted into the box by request. The stew beef, short ribs or soup shank may be switched for ground beef if desired as well. Our ground beef box contains approximately 25 lbs of our premium ground beef and we also throw in 2 pounds of hamburger patties. Buying in bulk with our 25lb boxes allows you to save upwards of $1.65 per packaged pound compared to if you were to build your own box with the same configurations found in our mixed boxes. If you are looking for additional savings consider buying our beef by the quarter or half. We personally pack each box and ensure that you will always receive atleast 25 lbs of beef. The box weights will vary slightly due to variation in package sizes.  The weight of the box is determined by the weights recorded on each package in the box that were weighed on a certified scale. All boxed beef is processed at a USDA certified processor.

Does this sound like too much beef to you or would you like to add more steaks or roasts to your box? Consider adding to your boxed purchase by looking at our build your own box option or simply build your own box to fill your freezer with exactly what you would like.

Our refer a friend program will also apply to our boxed beef customers.

How this works:
Refer a friend to us and if they are a NEW CUSTOMER TO US that buys beef, we will give you $0.50/lb off your next boxed purchase. For boxed beef there is no limit to the referrals that you may acquire! This can translate to great savings for you.
The savings are applied to one box.

Mixed Beef Box: $200
Ground Beef Box: $168